Start maximizing performance and profitability by optimizing your strategy. Engage your audience and enhance your online presence by creating compelling content that generates quality traffic. Leverage various monitoring methods to stay on the cutting edge of social media trends, and begin uncovering a vast array of exciting opportunities.

Our social media team will demonstrate reputation management techniques, and show you how to protect yourself and your company online. You’ll learn how to encourage positive social media chatter and how to utilize listening and management tools to protect your brand.

social media marketingSocial Media Strategy Development
We work with you to develop a strategic road map and content strategy with the simple goal of delivering on agreed objectives and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage via social media.
Social Media Marketing
Where the ‘magic’ happens, so to speak. Social media marketing refers to the strategic process of acquiring quality attention and traffic for a product, brand and/or service via the use of social media platforms. Our bread & butter.
Conversation Monitoring and Campaign Analytics
Utilizing specialist social media listening tools, we can produce a comprehensive report outlining your brand’s current performance in the eyes of the community, as well as key insights and recommendations for improvement.
Multi Channel Social Media Integration
Although we believe social media should be the focal point of a marketing plan, integrating social across multiple channels guarantees greater reach.
Social Media Training & Workshops
OA3Media lnc. can conduct social media training via various methods including: face-to-face, webinars, video modules, workshops, keynote speeches or group sessions to upskill and/or educate in social media knowledge.